2.4m x 5m Camping Pod with built on Extension

Only £8500 ex works

This is such a versatile Camping Pod, seriously strong, and very good for the wind swept dunes of the UK. We put UVPC windows and doors so the windows and doors would not be sand blasted continuously daily, plus the Siberian Larch cladding is super supper strong. and to add to that the Britmet Tiles, available in so many colours, this pod is fantastic.
These are situated in St Ives Bay 17 of them, they have been there for over 8 years, and as of yet zero problems. when mother nature throws a tantrum in theat area in the winter, our Pods stay firm , and dry!



OK this is how the story went, Chriss and his amazing wife came over to see us, as they were looking to purchase at Factory prices, Camping Pods for their Holiday camp. they had been all over the UK, as many of out customers have, had, and not found anything worth spending money on, which means they are looking for speed, quality of work, materials you can not ever source in England, and craftsman that can make 17 hand made pods all look identical. No mean feat. Each and every wall , curve, plug, window , door, dormer, etc, must be identical, to the very  last one, so as you can imagine, no mean feat. actually its sheer Genius.

All our carpenters are in affect the best of the best in their field and because we are so good at manufacturing not just houses, or large arenas, camping pods, Passive housing, we have also manufaturered caravans, park homes,
or should I say a BS 3632 to such high standards that once we put the building on the block we had a structural  engineer come in and sign it off as a low carbon foot print building, earning it over the A++ which means it was worth then 3 x its present value, and had the 
Structural Engineer’s Insurance on the structure, but more importantly his appraisal and the appraisal of the estate agents, in that area, saw the what we called caravan, change to highly insulated cottage worth from 145,000 to 395.000 I think thats a fair investment, they did add air heat source pumps, and solar panels, and also a few other bits and bobs, but they made a handsome profit, considering we did up to first  fix.

Back to Pods, I love this Pod, the tile colour is not a must , black, grey what ever is available,.

Please give us a call if this or any of our other Pods interests you.