Factory Cabins: Net-Zero Carbon Homes on the Rise Sustainable Living Redefined

Factory Cabins is a symbol of creativity and environmental responsibility in the ever-changing field of modern design and sustainable living. Factory Cabins has arisen as a testament to what can be accomplished via thorough planning and a commitment to sustainable construction practises, with the attention firmly fixed on low-cost, high-performance dwellings.

Creating a New Sustainable Living Standard

Factory Cabins, an exclusive subdivision of eight precisely built dwellings, is more than just a housing project; it represents a paradigm shift. By effortlessly blending luxury and environmental concern, these net-zero carbon homes are revolutionising the industry’s approach to sustainable living. This project exemplifies the marriage of forward-thinking architectural design and cutting-edge technologies to reduce carbon footprint without sacrificing quality.

Carbon Neutrality Through Fabrication

The fabric-first strategy is at the heart of Factory Cabins’ success in reaching net-zero carbon status. This technique prioritises building materials and thermal efficiency, guaranteeing that energy consumption is dramatically minimised from the start. The timber frame structure used in these homes is critical to meeting this lofty goal.
The Role of Factory Cabins in Collaboration with Excellence
The selection of Factory Cabins as the major partner in providing the timber frame system demonstrates Factory Cabins’ dedication to excellence. The backbone of this groundbreaking advancement is high-performance, thermally efficient timber frame system. Manufactured in a purpose-built facility with decades of Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) experience, ensuring a seamless marriage of innovation and dependability.

Exceeding Building Standards: Pushing Boundaries

The mission of Factory Cabins to pushing limits extends beyond aesthetics and comfort. The development goes above and beyond current building codes by establishing greater thermal requirements, demonstrating the rigorous design and execution that underpins this project. The meticulous craftsmanship of Factory Cabins results in an external wall u-value of 0.8 W/m2K, a unique achievement that ensures great build performance and thermal efficiency for the homeowners.

The Advantage of Working Off-Site: Installation is simple.

The off-site manufacturing technique is a defining feature of Factory Cabins’ success story. Quality checks at each stage are ensured by assembling the components in a controlled environment, providing a smooth on-site installation process. Due to the simultaneous building of neighbouring units, the precision-engineered, millimetre-perfect frames are erected in just eight weeks for all eight plots. This novel technique decreases carbon emissions, reduces crane deliveries, and has a substantial influence on the local population.

A Dream Come True:


Luxury and Environmental Responsibility Unite
Factory Cabins is more than just a home complex; it represents the future we want to build. The marriage of environmental stewardship and luxurious living is no longer a pipe dream; it is already a reality. Factory Cabins demonstrates that sustainable living is more than a concept, with net-zero carbon dwellings that exhibit outstanding thermal efficiency, architectural genius, and a commitment to lowering the ecological footprint.

Factory Cabins will help you embrace the future.

Factory Cabins stands tall as a tribute to human ingenuity and dedication in a world where environmental consciousness has never been more vital. These net-zero carbon homes are a forerunner in the transition to a greener, more sustainable future. Every aspect of Factory Cabins displays a commitment to excellence, elegance, and a smaller ecological footprint, from the fabric-first approach to the seamless installation procedure. With Factory Cabins, you can embrace the future of housing, where innovation and sustainability are harmoniously intertwined.

Why the BS 3632-2015 is a very awful build type, please read below. 

Yes, BS 3632 is a British standard, but that does not ensure an outstanding build type as a retirement park home: the standards are fairly antiquated and well below what is realistic for modern construction. The standard was developed in 1990 and has been regularly revised since then, although it falls well short of meeting modern needs that are easily met today.

The main problem with the BS 3632 construction is that the air pressure test only ensures a minimum level of air permeability without taking into account other deficiencies of the building system such as effective insulation, thermal bridging, construction turn-over times, window installations, condensation accumulations, and fire resistance features. All of this adds up to a low-energy-efficiency granny annexe that will cost you far more in energy expenses than required.

There are also numerous health, safety, and environmental problems involved with this style of construction. Poor ventilation and excessive amounts of condensation can promote mould growth, which can lead to serious health and respiratory problems over time. This can be aggravated further by the usage of dangerous chemicals and materials, which are typically found in these types of structures. Furthermore, because the building standard is so old, none of these components, such as insulation and window frames, have been subjected to any rules or tested for performance or safety, implying that they could contain any number of hazardous compounds.

Finally, investing in a BS 3632 build type is costly in more ways than one; having a Granny Annex that fulfils current rules and can be used in the long run is a considerably better investment. You can have a home that is energy efficient, uses cutting-edge building technologies and materials, contributes to a lesser carbon footprint, can be sold or rented with guaranteed resale value, and is certified to the highest health and safety standards.

To summarise, the BS 3632 build type is an outmoded and ill-advised method of building a Granny Annex. It is neither energy efficient nor safe, and it poses significant threats to health, safety, and the environment. Investing in a modern home that complies with all current rules is a lot more beneficial venture that should be the only option for anyone wishing to build a home.

We are able to manufacture you a A rated house that will conform to everything which is BS 3632, However our buildings are a great investment, and can be taken apart and moved, and resold as a Residential house.