Highly Insulated Modular Buildings

What is a camping pod, well, in the old days it was a very basic shell and people camped on the floor or some awful bed, so what’s changed? the insides are a lot more up market, and our designs, in size, and quality have come along way.
We were the first to offer huge observation windows, toilets and showers, and our pods grew in size, and they also grew in quality, I would say that our handmade pods are the only ones which don’t look commercial, and still feel what they were meant to be years and years ago, a part of nature.

Sadly, the camping industry has changed, become a lot bigger, modern, and people now expect something a lot better, Wi-Fi, televisions, a decent shower, and certainly don’t want to get mud over their clothes, also the farmer, park owner, of the camping site manager does not want a huge electric bill at the end of each season. And now people are looking for buildings that are winterised, low maintenance, and value for money.

OK, I am a major figure in the Pod market, my Pods are the best of the best, and our pods are Pods, not some crazy designs, that kill space, cost a fortune, and leak, our designs work, (some companies manufacture some quirky tube-like pods that have the inside appearance and feel of a nasty cheap caravan) and the outside of a ice cream cone, melting away in the sun. I know that seems harsh but when I look at most camping pods, I see just Cubic Meters or timber wasted, and turned into a ten-year bonfire waiting for the match.

If wood was the perfect cladding, for a roof, we would all have it? Think about that.

So I sat down and had a really good think, and what kept annoying me and still does is the space Pods kill, it’s the curves, they look cool, but they are a space killer in design.

Curved walls kill space, and so I decided to come up with these.

So, Mr Brains (Me) came up with a thought, so I looked at the price of timber frame buildings and WOW did I get a shock, it’s at an all-time high, of crazy pricing, since the EU-USA decided to put sanctions on everyone, buying Russian Timber, Belarus Timber, price per cubic meter has gone up drastically. Now USA buy all the timber, they do not tax it, as its for housing etc, so all our timber we could buy in the UK goes to USA. The rest is Ikea, who strip forests at an alarming rate, they are responsible for deforesting the world of forest of 1% a year, and replanting, lol, that’s laughable!
Now most of you will know if you have searched for pods, or any other kind of buildings, that material prices have gone through the roof, sky high, which is why I had a rethink. I wanted a strong solid Box, I wanted it to be easily moved.

But more importantly I wanted it to be easy to look after, easy to maintain, look exactly like wood, be manufactured from many recyclable products, and just look amazing.

Highly Insulated Modular Buildings

What is a camping pod, and now what I think it should it be?OK let me explain. There is a massive difference.

A Pod will last 10 years, 15 max, our new Modular Buildings will be around 30 years plus, and are very easy to resell and also value if you sell your park!

Security in the Winter Months. 

We are able to fit VERY STRUDY roller shutters on each building

So I decided to start playing with different build technic’s that would look amazing together, and give me the quality I was looking for, and we are nearly there, so it is hold your breath, and wait for it to hit the market running.
What I wanted to do was quite simple, integrate a highly insulated, galvanised steel frame with extremely high dense insulation between two steal sheets, galvanised, rust proof, , clad them in a recycled composite Timber Panels ( photo below) then ship them to my other factory where we can manufacture them into anything you want, bathrooms, toilets, bedrooms, living rooms, etc.

We have tried our best to use as many recycled products as possible, in the whole construction. And I am still trying to find more and more.

Also what we have done in put extremely high quality aluminium double glazed windows and doors, you decided how many tilt and turn openings you want. that way it cuts the costs down.



So, you may be asking yourself, what is the point, simple, these are the Rolls Royce of camping that fall under the BS3632, the reason I picked a vehicle of such outstanding calibre is simple, Rolls are known for their outstanding strength and durability also their ability to take whatever mother nature can throw at them, plus they are as we all know internally beautiful.Our units are completely bespoke so you can do almost anything you want to do! The beautiful think about modular is that they are precisely that, move here there and all you need is a flat, firm surface.You can do so much with them what I think is there ability to put everywhere. We are also manufacturing which will be ready to show shortly is a 2.4m x 6m completely finished modular building, 160mm of insulation, bathroom, kitchen and bedroom, this unit is perfect in so many ways.
Firstly lets talk about sip panels, now I am not one to lie and say this is crap do not buy it, so I won’t, but! what I will say is if you do not have a lot of money and have purchased yourself a wooden basic sip panel house, or unit, you made a horrific mistake. Firstly most are built very quickly, and if it rains, the inside of your wall, the main part, is wet, and will remain wet, will rot, and will cause headaches for many a year! (Fact)

Now I am a timber man, I love timber frame, thats closed panels coming to site and the house constructed quickly , professionally and looking amazing when finished. Sadly price and limitations has made my eye turn to our new buildings, and they are extremely successful . However Our Metal , sandwich prefab panels which use the highest quality of solid foam insulation 160mm thick, triple glazed windows and doors, and quality workmanship, and yes the price is amazing, when i say amazing, for what your getting which is a little house, its not residential, that needs planning, this is with in permitted development, and can go in the back garden , as long as its under 2.5, or 4 and is under 30 sq meters, best to check.

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