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Hi and welcome to my Gallery, here are some of the amazing , High End quality buildings I have supplied to the trade over the many years we have been open, as most of you know, I always say what I feel, and I never hold back, which is why a BRIT  manufacturing buildings here in Lithuanian and a Lithuanian manufacturing buildings is very very different finished building.
I always say most of what I am thinking out loud with out diplomacy if what is coming off the planner, cutter, notcher, is crap, and not fit for purpose then I will say, if its good I will praise, if it its in the middle, send it back.
This also has not made me many friends in the UK, but who cares, most of the dealers are here today and long gone when the tax is due, which is why I sacked 99.9% of the dealers, we have an amazing team now, all whom I trust and respect and I know they will be good for the company and to the dealers and public.
I do not know one company that has its hands in so many construction types, and I do not know one guy that travels all over Europe looking for the best of the best, but what I do know is this, we have a fantastic wealth of knowledge and we can make your dreams come true what ever they may be. Thanks for Reading. 


A few Log Cabin Assembly Photos! 

www.factorycabins.com the number one for buildings.

Timber framed bases

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www.factorycabins.com is exemplary in the Log Cabins-Timber Buildings-Glulam Laminated Log Cabins– Norwegian Hand Made Cabins – Timber Frame Housing- Timber frame Park Homes, camping pod industry. Leaders in also the field of the best grade of interlocked Siberian Spruce Garden, Residential and Commercial Log Cabins. Our extensive range continues to expand globally.

As innovators and market leaders www.factorycabins.com has grown from strength to strength in consistently satisfying thousands of customers by maintaining its professional expertise in all areas of production.

In this competitive industry it is very easy to literally “cut corners” to try to sell at lower prices. Www.factorycabins.com have never been drawn into this type of scenario. Over many years we have proved that our clients who are going to purchase a Log Cabin see it as a long-term investment. Paying a little more for a genuine high-quality product generally ends up being a much better economic decision in the long run.

Log cabins.lv produce best value for money products. Best value for money does not mean cheap. We have sold many expensive bespoke Residential and Commercial timber properties that have always been received as excellent value for money.

The extensive range spans across a very wide spectrum to satisfy those who are after top quality within a small garden area to spacious and extremely luxurious futuristically designed Log Cabins. Both ends of the spectrum provide the “Wow” factor that many of our competitors just cannot match.

Our innovative designs and new products now include Summer Houses, Garden Offices,Log Cabin Garages, Gazebos, Insulated Caravans, Bungalows, Chalet Bungalows, Residential Log Cabins, Hotels, Classrooms, Libraries, Scandinavian styled Log Cabins, Camping Pods, Camping Houses, Micro Log Cabins, Laminated Log Cabins, Laminated timber Garages, Swimming Pool Houses, Studio cabins, Clockhouse log Cabins, Insulated Larch Offices, Twin skin Garden and Residential Log Cabins, Siberian Larch Cabins, Octahedral Cabins, Insulated Log Cabin Offices, Insulated Garden and Residential Cabins, Laminated Sectional buildings and Specialist customised bespoke properties.

Within each range we now offer a very comprehensive variety of designs that also include internal variations to suit nearly every requirement.

We make no apology for your being spoilt for choice with this fantastic range of superior craftsmanship. We are here to help and save you time in choosing what you like best. We have a very experienced patient, caring and understanding team of people standing by who will be very pleased to come up with a “shortlist” for you, if you feel that you have not got the time to browse and explore all that we have to offer.

Many log cabins look the same from the outside and there are some important facts that we at Www.factorycabins.com would like to share with you so that you can be confident that you receive from us only the best quality. Let us look a little more closely at how we differ from most other companies, even though the cabins from an outside view may look exactly the same.

The Flooring Www.factorycabins.com cabins of all sizes always have a minimum tongue and groove flooring of 28mm. When you look inside a log cabin and look down at the tongue and groove flooring, you will need to ask about the thickness because there is no way of knowing unless the flooring is removable for measurement purposes.

The Windows and Doors Www.factorycabins.com cabins of all sizes always install the very best grade of double or triple glazing. This means thicker glass as opposed to just economy glass. By using our very best grade you can be assured of better security and more effective and efficient insulation.

Locking System Top quality window and doors locking systems, where applicable, are installed in every cabin. Such systems meet both the UK and European safety standards. Many of the cabins that have a wall thickness of 44mm and above also include as standard the revolutionary “Tilt and Turn” windows that enable you to clean both sides of the window with ease from the inside.

Purlins Www.factorycabins.com are very careful to ensure that at all times only the correct thickness of Purlins are installed to support the relevant types of shingles or roof tiles.

The Ceiling Interlocked log cabins always have a minimum of 19mm tongue and groove Siberian Spruce for the ceiling. The www.factorycabins.com new range of laminated sectional buildings also has, in some cases, Tudor style laminated beams in addition to the tongue and groove Siberian Spruce.

The Walls We believe in making sure that larger cabins are manufactured with thicker walls. It stands to reason that a large cabin of just 28mm wall thickness will not have anywhere near the stability than a wall thickness of 44mm. Www.factorycabins.com provide wall thickness choices from 28mm thick walls for small cabins, rising through the ranks to 34mm, 44mm, 70mm, 90mm, 34mm +34mm Twinskin double wall and 44mm +44mm Twinskin double wall. We recommend Twinskin and thicker walls for all year round usage such as Garden Offices and Residential buildings. Summer Houses may not require such thick walls if they are to be used during the summer season only.

The quality of the Timber Www.factorycabins.com is pleased to support a new European initiative to track and reprimand timber merchants and dealers who are knowingly purchasing sub-standard timber from dubious sources. Besides ruining and creating non- sustainable forests by felling trees without any form of proper management. The short-sighted attitude will cause extinction to much of the wildlife and will seriously affect the environment where such trees used to grow.

When purchasing any timber cabin from Www.factorycabins.com you can be satisfied that you are supplied with top quality Siberian Spruce or Larch from carefully forested areas that are under strict control to ensure sustainability for future generations as well as maintaining our all-important wildlife.

Siberian Spruce in its natural state is slow grown in arctic conditions, unlike faster growing spruce that can easily warp, twist and split. Without such knowledge so many people find difficulties and disappointment months after their cabin has been erected and installed due to windows not closing properly, doors that show gaps because of warping and twisting etc. These are just the sad results of falling into the trap of buying something that was “too good to be true”. Invariably you will find that the statement is often correct. It just isn’t true ! Ask for Siberian Spruce and ask for a logcabin.lv cabin. Look out for our logo that depicts the five stars representing five stars of excellence.

The next stage is how the carefully selected timber is treated and produced. Our quality control systems are the most modern. Kiln drying is carried out to ensure that the correct moisture content is achieved before it leaves our factory. Any storage, which is generally short-term only, is carried out in quality-controlled areas to ensure the stability of moisture content and freshness.

The milling and cutting process is state of the art computerised technology with the best grade cutting equipment that produces precise self-build packs ready for delivery.

In summary, besides falling in love with a cabin that has the high perceived value that you seek. Remove your emotional attachment to what you see and thoroughly check out the six important areas that separate superior quality cabins from mediocre cabins. Check out and ask questions about the flooring, the windows and doors, the locking system, the purlins, the ceiling, the walls and the quality of the timber. Once satisfied with that, then you can fall in love with a cabin that is no longer a high-perceived value for money but a true value for money. We at www.factorycabins.com hope that once you have looked through our site you will probably save a lot of unnecessary time by just refusing to go elsewhere, knowing in your heart that we have already ticked all the boxes for you. We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for reading..