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Insulated twin-skin Log Cabins,

Factory Cabins provide a variety of insulated miniature studio twinskins. They are built with cosy sleeping lofts, kitchens, and bathrooms, as well as double-glazed windows and doors made of high-quality joinery glulam .

Our assortment of insulated log cabins, which are all Twin Skin, are very exclusive to us, they offer a cosy and fashionable living area in your yard. Our cottages are excellent garden hideaways because of their excellent insulation and use of environmentally friendly building materials.

You can choose the ideal small house for you among a variety of sizes and designs that are available to fit your needs.

The Insulated Type Tiny House is a fantastic method to reduce living expenses while maintaining a comfortable dwelling.

It is a functional living area that ranges in size from 4m by 5.7m, which is a modest yet usable size. For colder climates like England and Ireland, the walls are built with a 44mm x 44mm or 70mm x 70mm wall thickness.

The cabin has excellent insulation, which contributes to its cost- and energy-effectiveness. It is the ideal option for family visits or passive revenue on Airbnb. Without a doubt, the future of economical and energy-efficient living is the insulated-type tiny house.

The twinskin insulated tiny house type in 70mm x 70mm is a fantastic answer to Ireland’s housing shortage. With a number of features that make them perfect for Airbnb and other short-term rental opportunities, these small homes are made to offer cosy living for up to four people. The 70mm x 70mm form also provides for a larger room than conventional tiny homes, and the insulated walls offer good insulation against the elements.

The installation of three substantial hinges on the doors also enhances security and robustness.

For individuals searching for a more reasonably priced yet comfortable living place for brief visits on Airbnb, this style of tiny house is ideal. Due to its larger size, it can host more people and offer a roomier living space.

The tiny house is also a terrific choice for people searching for a safe and comfortable space to rent out due to its superior insulation and security measures.

The housing crisis in Ireland can be greatly reduced by using the insulated tiny house type twinskin in 70mm × 70mm, which can be offered through Airbnb and other short-term rental services.

It is the perfect choice for individuals looking for a cosy and safe apartment to rent out due to its greater size and superior insulation.

4.0m x 5.7m Galway Insulated Log Cabins -Twin Skin Log Cabins

Highly Insulated Log Cabin – Tiny House 4.0m x 5.7m – FC 609

Highly Insulated Twin Skin Log Cabins - Tiny Houses

Highly Insulated Log Cabin – Tiny House 4.0m x 5.7m – FC 610