2.4m x 6.0m The Grandad of Camping Pods

Strong, versatile, beautifully manufaturered. You want to start a camp site, and the bank are saying you can only have X, so you look on the web, and you see so many different Pods, and the choice is not one which is manufactured from 41mm walls and have cheap bitumen shingles or 14mm walls and then has some internal cladding, this is still cheap, dangerous and not to BS23632 RULES,  also they are never fitted ( I would say none are) with with CE certified Trada Windows and Doors, Trada is a UK certification   ( fire and theft), Which is a must, Grandad is the best of the best, and with our offer to totally help you fit it out with custom furniture, bed, shower , toilets, etc.

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2.4m x 6.0m The Grandad of Camping Pods


I could talk for hours about our amazing 2.4m x 6.0m pod, why? because its just a quality, durable, camping pod, with loads of history, and designing this quality Pod, and manufacturing it and then bringing it to market, was sooo much fun, it puts a smile on my face just thinking about all the tests we did, like drenching it in water for 3 solid days, hanging from the doors to see if they took our weight and the frame did not give way, kicking the glass and seeing if any part of the door frame broke, we abused the first one in so many ways, all our Pods, thats all of them, are fitted with fork lift sleeves in the base, easy moveable, and we picked up the first and then dropped it, a few tiles dented but the shell kept in-tack, its so ridiculously strong, we then left the first one out in the back part of our manufacturing plant for 4/5 years and we looked how they age, what happens to what, we know these pods better than anyone.
Our Pods are long lasting, aesthetically pleasing structures. 

My opinion and just an opinion, take it however! 

Things to watch out for, if you see any website trying to sell camping pods with the same images as ours, or photos, they were not the manufacturers and not to be trusted, Arch, Keith. There are some rather amazing looking caravan pods out now, Arch Keith, that look 50% decent, but are not built with glulam and not hand made anything, cheap timber, zero KD C24 and over priced I would say twice over, so if you know who I am talking about, and who likes to copy my designs, really check out his quality, its lacking in so many areas, and its the amount of people asking him very in-depth questions about why he has not responded to them and about problems they are having, i would have second thoughts.

Finishing on a good not our order books are full, full, as you would expect, but the more orders we get the more skilled crafts mans we put from our housing departments into manufacturing our pods.



If you are thinking of starting a holiday camp and you really need help, please please give us a call, there are too many new joe’s in this market-industry  that will sell you pods that are sadly compete rubbish, and they make the price so you are watering at the mouth, your so tempted by the price, your sending them money before you look at who they are, and what they have done in the past, if they have a past, if the compnay can not prove to you they have more than 10 years of manufacturing camping pods and they have been in the same manufacturing facilities since 2005, then walk away. As this will show you they did not go bankrupt in 2007/08, too many of the companies selling now have been bankrupt, and took hundreds of 1000’s in deposits, too mnay customers loosing their deposits because they paid through the bank, remeber the banks do not care at all, pay with a credit-debit card, not cash and not into the bank direct. 




Simple to manufacture for you, and very cost effective, we can obviously manufacturer something from different timber, but most companies want simple, clean, minimalistic, and pace for the customers to put their luggage, or we can configure the pod completely different.


This table and benches turns into another double bed!


The 2.4m x 6m Pod above you can see that we have changed the interior so we can fit in a bed, shower,, sink, toilet, and bedroom, the law stands like this in the UK with camping pods,Glamping pods installed in a garden as an addition to the house are exempt from requiring planning permission. This is only when these pods are to be used by the homeowners, i.e. they cannot be rented out. This is due to the fact the pods come under the permitted development rights for the house and you can not have cooking facilities and or washing, one or other, as they would then need planning if you wanted both. Also of people are not just using these as offices, bedrooms in the gardens and camping facilities they see them as now tiny houses.


As you can see in our 2.4m x 6m Camping Pod, we have separated area’s, so it can accommodate everything you need, shower, toilet, sink, kitchen and double bed!


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Delivered directly to you, we can crane it over the house, hiab it into the field, or drop it off at your yard, even if you do not have a forklift, we have companies in the UK that can help us-you get your business started quickly easy cheaply! 

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