2.4m x 4m Camping Pod Front Entrance

Only £6300 EX WORKS

Our Massively Insulated Front Entrance version, is possibly the most bought camping pod of them all, it is what it says, a small Sleeping Camping Pod, make a BBQ out the front and chill. (Never bring the BBQ into any pod). Trada certified windows and doors. Multi foil insulation, 
We believe in manufacturing excellence, and as we have been manufacturing them since 2008, All our pods are completely wired out for you,  Please give us a call.

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Camping Pods are with out doubt the money spinner for all small , medium and large camp sites and  not forgetting Holidays parks etc. which is why we have been around so very long, and have manufaturered for the largest parks, all different sizes, height pods,  to build a pod that lasts years and years, you need to firstly understand how to manufacture a house, and that is of course our main stay of work, Pods for us were just a by product in times when assembling houses in Europe, or UK was difficult due to weather conditions.
Its bad manners to knock other peoples work ethics, but we believe that if your for argument sake are building a passive timber frame building, the last thing you do is get the full pre made panels wet and then assemble the house with a wet core, mould will set in and all other nasty things could happen , so you ask yourself why use high quality C24 KD Timber, (KD = Kiln Dried), now there is a reason I am explaining this, which is build quality, and whats right and wrong for you. Firstly we only use skilled carpenters, and also FSC KD graded timber, plus Graded Glulam Beams. We only use 40 year guarantee Tiles manufactured in UK ,next we really insulated all our pods for minus 30, as a lot of our pods go into mountain areas etc. We would never use felt shingles, and we would never use timber for walls just 41mm thick, some use 14mm and then insulate with rock wall, and they use then the word Insulated, but the part of the Pod that gives it the Armadillo strength is the roof construction, glulam and our years of exsperiance. Lastly, Fire is never spoken about, and do you know why, because 99.9% of doors and windows in all pods are not rated for theft or fire.
Our windows and door line has the Trada stamp of quality for fire and theft on all our production of windows and doors.This is a must, and having this means quality and safety comes first. 

Please do not hesitate to call us on +44 208 133 5164

Thank you…..