2.4m x 4m Camping Pod Side Entrance Pod


So your looking for a camping pod, and your looking for a high quality camping unit that ticks all the boxes and comes completely furnished out, and basically its a plug and earn unit, you also want to get as many as possible on a truck so to keep the shipping costs down.
This amazing Pod is simply perfect.
High Quality, Highly insulated, low cost. Fitted with certified Trada double glazed windows and doors.

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2.4m x 4m Camping Pod Side Entrance

Yep , thats snow on the roof, and yes our pods easily take that weight because of the glulam beams, and our armadillo like roof, our roofs are that is water tight, strong and as you can see very insulated, we show our pods in extreme conditions to prove what is true and false, and as you can see, our pods can handle mother nature with easy, they don’t float before any asks, and because we believe in our products we sell them everywhere, top of mountains, Children’s Holiday Parks, Zoos etc.

Insulation is a major factor in the manufacturing of our Pods, as its many different layered section roofing profile, the better your pods the more your customer will  come back, and tell their friends, etc.

 Small pods are the best I think, large ones are amazing and we possible have manufactured the largest, but we have defiantly manufaturered the only 6 star ones in the world.
If I were to be asked honestly which of all pods was my favourite and has earned the buyers the most in revenue then I would say this 4m and the 6m, as they all fit on a normal truck, you do not need to mess about with them, and we can designed these to fit together easily and seamlessly with add ons. As you can see in the photos you can add attachment to the front ends on to this pod, so if you are in a really hilly, windy  area, muddy and dirty, we can make for this pod many different add on pod fronts so you can take off your jackets and shoes and enter, the add ons can be fitted with doors also, so you have an enclosed porch, please ask us about this.

We have made the largest resorts of camping pods anywhere in the world, the reason we were picked was our ability to understand the needs of our clients, 
OFSTED.GOV.UK and also the french version, our safe, clean, tough pods were safe for the children and for the environment.

Please give us a call is this pod interests you. 44 208 133 5164