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Twin Skin Log Cabin 4m x 8mm 

 9 Double Glazed High Quality Windows  

2 Single External Insulated panel Double glazed Toughened  Glazed Doors

Internal doors 4

ONLY EXW £17.300 + VAT


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If you’re looking for a quality Airbnb this is it! 

Hurry as offer ends……End of March!

Whatever you need it for, this twin-skin log cabin is perfect.

It is ideal for pubs, guest or staff accommodation, camping and glamping sites, and many more uses. Airbnb, passive income,  

It has two large loft sleeping areas and is well-insulated, making it ideal for youngsters.

You won’t find a more attractive offer also incredible quality windows and doors and when I mean amazing, I mean, we are ahead of the game by years where our joinery glulam windows and doors which are fitted with 28mm toughened certified glass, are concerned, also you get  room for a small kitchenette  area , bathroom , modest seating space, and 3 spots for 3 double beds, all at an ridiculous affordable price.

This Twin Skin Insulated 4m x 8m Log Cabin  will greatly increase the value of your estate and as it is all self contained I am sure we will see a lot of  camp sites this year as you are able to put them on a steel frame, one idea you might replace the bed on the ground floor with a sofa, TV, and beanbags in the entrance room to create a chillout area. In today’s Insulated Twin Skin High End Windows and Door, Cabin World, the price of this incredible Insulated timber structure and what you get for that price are plain absurd!


Highly Insulated Micro Studio Log Cabins 

Tiny House 4.0m x 8.0m – FC 644

Twin Skin Insulated Log Cabin size – 4.0m x 8.0m
Twin Skin Insulated Cabins size internal – 3.3m x 7.3m
Main-room size – 3.3m x 2.1m
Bathroom size – 1.2m x 1.4m
Pantry size – 1.2m x 1.0m
Bedroom size – 3.3m x 2.5m
Kitchen size – 2.0m x 2.5m
Window Size – 5x 1130mm x 710mm
Window Size – 4x 500mm x 500mm
Door Size – 4x 1930mm x 830mm
Door size – 2x 1930mm x 650mm
Wall height – 2.5m
Ridge height – 4.0m