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 Log Cabin 5m x 4m 

 4 Double Glazed High Quality Windows  

1 Double Insulated External Toughened  Glazed Door

ONLY EXW £7.499 + VAT


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KI Log Cabin – 5m x 4m – 1619

Twin Skin Log Cabin size – 5.0m x 4.0m
Overhang – 80cm

Door size – 1x 141cm x 193cm

Window size – 4x 71cm x 113m

Ridge height – 2.47m
Front Wall height – 2.4m
Rear Wall height – 2.08m

We are aware that comparing pricing is essential when purchasing a twin skin log cabin, however we’re convinced that our PRICES are the most UNBEATABLE for such a high-quality item. 

To ensure that our cabins are created to the highest standard using only the best timber, we have invested in the latest technology and equipment. 

We also have a group of highly skilled fitters and craftsmen that have worked extensively on a range of projects.

We promise that you won’t find a comparable twin skin log cabin anywhere else at our unbeatable prices.

Also joinery glulam, equals no cold bridging, windows and doors come with a 28mm toughened glass, lastly all our doors if half glazed are fitted with an insulated plate, not T&G. Quality from the twin roof, to the 28mm floor.