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Fully Insulated Garden Cabins

There are so many of you looking for Timber Frame Highly insulated Cladded offices play areas for the kids, gyms or just a decent hard standing building that will last the test of time, either from Larch, Pine or Spruce, I am not going to add Cedar, because its overpriced and does not have any of the benefits of Northern Siberian Larch yet it costs more, and I am not going to put composite, even though I am an advocate of it, However if you want a great looking timber frame office, fully insulated, built with C24, delivered to your house in sections, erected swiftly and exceptionally professionally, then lets stick to professional built materials and type, and plastic does not enter that anywhere.

So, as you may or may not be aware our DF log cabin range is a huge success and has been for many years, and  it’s still the best-selling of all ranges in the UK and as the designer of this range I decided to bring to market a fully timber frame fully insulated DF range as well, keeping all the classic trademarks , amazing quality, but in a high end quality insulated timber frame.

Many will say to you they make the best, but I will compare my Insulated Timber Frame Specification against anyone’s.

Confidence is not a brag, a brag is thinking you’re the best and bragging, I am certain I am unbeatable in any area of manufacturing to an incredibly high standard, each and every time.

Please press here to see some of our timber frame panels….


Now before any of you decide that they are too cheap, which they are, I will explain why we have kept the prices low, its quite simple really, RECESSION, DEPRESSION, unemployment, and to those that work from home and are looking for a high quality, long lasting fully insulated timber frame garden office, that can be used all year round, then this is it, and as they are all under 2.5m high, there is not planning needed.


This amazing range comes with amazing windows and doors, which are residential spec, tilt and turn, with CE certification and Trada certification.


All the building frame work is manufactured with CE FSC KD C24, if you’re not a timber guy, or girl, then be assured you MUST have this stamped onto your timber frame  (Click Here to view stamp) which means your new office you have bought is quality and nothing less than the best, and this is what we offer each and every time.


We use Swedish Timber as well as Siberian Northern Larch, Northern Siberian Pine and Spruce, so you can be assured of nothing but the best quality.


There are many timber frame cabin companies manufacturing all kinds of different build types, and I take my hat off to those that try to innovate, but when it comes to actually purchasing a building that has to last the test of time, then innovation is fantastic, but it takes years for that new build type to show its faults, and when it does it’s your building that is worth something or nothing.


I am not will to take that chance, with anyone’s hard earned money, so we manufacturer to our tried and tested method, and we know how long your timber frame fully insulated office, building, gym will last. And that’s 40 years minimum. Yes, that an unbelievable guarantee, but we know what we are doing, we know how to build correctly and if you follow the Terms and conditions set out by us on how to maintain your Timber Frame Insulated Building, then it will be used by you and your children’s children.


Also and this is a massive factor why timber frames out ranks log cabins hands down, a timber frame structure, with this kind of build specification attached, adds value to your property, sadly unlike log, cabins,  a timber frame is a permeant fixture, and a structural engineer can calculated age life of a timber frame, because he can look at materials used and how the structure is built and say 50/100 whatever years,  where garden log cabins sizes, 44mm, 70mm 90mm,  is about 10/15  years,

Please, please give us a call and ask us anything you wish!

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