Over many years we have strived at Factory Cabins to come up with an idea of how to minimise the size keeping the cost of the building down, keeping the quality high, adding amazing windows and doors toughened glass, insulated strong floors, insulated strong walls, and roof, and our new Twin skins are perfect for any couple starting out to cohabitate and not worry about massive bills. Our new Twin Skin Garden Studios are the perfect first-time buyers experience of owning something like a house but, these are not to building standards, however they will keep mother nature out, and with the high dense insulation package that can be bought with this, you can make this as snug and a mouse in a rug. It really does keep mother nature firmly at bay. I am not going to write about the crap that others build as I would just spend endless hours pointing out what’s bad, and ten seconds what’s good, and please do not call with loads of questions because you have seen something else cheaper, if it’s cheap its crap!

I did not design these cabins to last 10 years, I designed them to last, and be strong, water tight, and perfect for many years and to keep mother nature out.

Please have a good look at the windows and doors, water all our new windows and doors are designed to be water and air tight, 99.9% of companies will sell you the same windows and doors as they do in their cheap garden range cabins, or they sell you Plastic UVPC, which are crap in in log cabins, cabins need to move and shrink, and to understand the twin skin system you need to make it work the best way it can. Imscumdea in kretinga or some name like that, owned by a guys that know nothing about log cabins is an old mill in Lithuania, old machines and Baltic cheap quick grown timber, make their twin skins in a way that no one should ever consider, when wood gets damp it sticks together, so stay away from Johnsons in Kent and also others who buy their buildings from this mill, stole our designs as 100% of other cabin companies and anyone and tried to manufacture our Twin Skin design, plant, BUT! As greed takes control they completely over priced our designs and on a scale of 1 to 10 about a 3 can manufacture a reasonable twin skin log cabin My advice. Stay away.

So, what do you look for in a manufacture, firstly someone who tells you the truth who has been around a long time, and someone who does not offer you a solution for 0% repayment plan that’s lasts just 24 months that’s, mental. You want 60 months of slow payments, and you want a company which is not going to run away from you, lift the rates or give you a headache.

Trust is a word that is thrown about so much that it’s taken for granted that that you should trust your log cabin, dealer, well don’t, why, because most lie, and the only way to win, win, is simple pay always with the debit card, if you do not have the money on it, then put it on it, and then pay the dealer through your debit card, if they can not accept payment that way tough, find someone else. If you put the funds directly into their accounts and they go bust, your 100% up she-t street no paddle.
So be clever, be super sensible and pay with a debit card. Too many people get conned and stolen from. 90% of Irish dealers are crooked, and about that many lie in the UK. This is very sound advice, so please please listen to me on this subject.

So why are our 4m x 5m twin skin garden studio buildings so brimming with quality, and 5m x 5m Bedroom Studios.
Sadly if you lose your house, or you need to earn some quick money to pay unforeseen bills, or you want to move back to mums and dads, and they have sold the family home for a smaller one, and there is no rooms available inside, then think garden, and definitely these are the buildings you need, great pricing, 8 week wait, pay with card, extremely warm and comfortable and the best way to go without killing the bank, secondly they are easy to assemble, warm and totally independent. Double glazed tilt and turn windows, double glazed door with an insulation package on the base of the door, all the hardware is German, long lasting and tough as old nails. If you really need a small accommodation unit, there is not one better, we can offer a full turnkey solution.
Our twin skin walls are 44mm x 44mm, or if you want hardcore solid, then 70mm x 70mm with 75mm gap or even a100 for wires, insulation, we can if you want to make the gap any size you want, but not below 57mm, as that’s the tolerance a 45mm and 70mm timber log will allow between each notch I saw one company with 25mm gap, completely worthless, and stupid. if you want the best, and it is worth thinking about, long term costs as the end result is your electric, heating bill over years, my advice is use Kingspan, King span rigid insulation comes from 50 up to 70mm.
50 mm R2.5 m²K/W R2.35 m²K/W
60 mm R3.0 m²K/W R2.85 m²K/W
70 mm R3.5 m²K/W R3.35 m²K/W

This is how we think and see things, it’s not really about the cabin, it’s how to make sure it lasts the 30 years we built it for, it can last longer, but you must stick to the Terms and Conditions.

If you have any enquiries please do not hesitate to send us an email or call.
+44 208 133 5164
Email: sales@factorycabins.com