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 Twin Skin Log Cabin 8m x 3.5m 

  Double Glazed High Quality Windows  

1 Double Glazed Toughened Double Door

4 Large Double Glazed Toughened Windows

One Huge Insulated Room 28 sq Meters

ONLY EXW £9.999 + VAT

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DF 1498

Twin Skin Cabin size – 8.0 m x 3.5 m

Twin Skin Log Cabins – 26.24 ft x 11.48 ft

Overhang – 800 mm

Door size – 1x 1410 mm x 1930 mm

Window size – 4x 710 mm x 1520 mm

Front Wall height – 2.25 m

Back wall height – 2.05 m

Ridge height – 2.45 m

Many excellent businesses provide a variety of double skin insulated log homes with or without bathrooms. I’d advise concentrating on the calibre of the materials used, the general construction quality, and the insulation grade when selecting for the one that’s best for you. Make sure the cabin is constructed to a high quality using weather-resistant materials and sufficient insulation. Make sure the cabin has a secure locking system and enough airflow.

You might need to account for additional costs for plumbing, electricity, and the essential fittings when building a bathroom. As installation is usually included in the bathroom packages that most businesses offer, you won’t need to worry about any of the technical aspects. To guarantee that the installation is done to code and complies with all building laws, as with any construction project, it is crucial to use a skilled specialist.

You can begin constructing the bathroom once you’ve chosen the size and design of the cabin you want. I would advise building a full bathroom with a shower, sink, and toilet if you plan to rent out the cottage. A smaller bathroom with just a toilet and sink can be more appropriate if you’re using the cabin for personal purposes.

There are many possibilities for equipping the cabin that will work with both its aesthetic and utilitarian requirements. You can choose from a large selection of furniture, fixtures, and fittings to design the ideal room, whether you want to go for a modern contemporary appearance or something more conventional.

With the right cabin, you can design a distinctive and inviting area that serves a number of functions. An insulated log cabin with a bathroom is the perfect choice for a rental area, teen den, or granny annex.