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Log Cabin 5m x 4m 

 6 Double Glazed High Quality Windows  

1 Double Glazed Door

ONLY exw £8.599 +vat


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Indeed, it is insane!

For only exw £8,599 +vat, our Quality Clock House Log Cabin  Quality Twinskin in  44mm X 44mm with our incredible High Quality windows and doors, is an incredible deal.

We are certain that you won’t discover a better Insulated log Cabin anywhere else at a lower cost.

19mm roof
28mm floor
44mm x 44mm Twinskin
6 amazing tilt and turn 28mm toughened
1 Double Door with toughened glass Double glazed

When you require extra space or just another place to sleep, our insulated Twinskins log cabins offer a fantastic alternative. The interconnecting walls are insulated with a warm and long-lasting insulation system and constructed from superior quality wood. This guarantees year-round warmth and comfort in your cottage. You can choose a cabin that exactly meets your needs from a variety of sizes and configurations available. Also, they are simple to put together and move rapidly if necessary. They have a chic, contemporary appearance that is ideal for a cosy home away from home.

For Twinskin log cabins, joinery glulam windows and doors are ideal since they are far more strong and long-lasting than other materials. Cross-laminated timber, which is robust and stable and can survive extreme weather conditions, is used to make joinery glulam windows and doors. Because to their resistance to warping, twisting, and cracking under high temperatures, they are ideal for use in Twinskin log cabins. The buildup of mildew and mould, which is a major issue with plastic and metal frames, is much less likely with joinery glulam. A further benefit of joinery glulam frames is that they are made to move with the structure, preventing structural harm.

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