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Thank you for your interest in our log cabins. We have a wide range of log cabins available, from single skin to insulated twin skin. Please give us a call and we can help you find the cabin that is perfect for you. We would be delighted to discuss your options and help you find the cabin that best suits your needs. We love our twin skin insulated log cabins – buildings, along the coast of Sussex and Kent, in Cornwall and Devon, London and Wales, Scotland and the Midlands our log cabins dot everywhere, and all over Ireland, Dublin, Galway, Belfast etc.
Our unique range of different types of cabins make this range unique in so many ways, but also please do not forget that all these cabins come with our joinery timber glulam windows and doors, 28mm toughen glass and manufactured on the latest CNC machinery, while other manufacturers sadly are laying off staff and using old machinery, we are employing more and more staff and have new CNC machines to make sure your log cabin is perfect in every way possible. New planers ( )to manufature not just the best but the very best in cabins, and other timber products. Factory Cabins is the oldest, but most innovative company in Log Cabins in the industry. We move forward and everyone copies.