Log Cabins Shed – 1.8m x 2.5m

Seriously, Seriously round up round up, and look at the prices of this amazing interlocking log cabin CNC highly precision cut “Shed” actually using the word “shed” is almost swearing at this amazing little building, its purpose is to allow you to keep that dirty lawn mower and other tools hidden away while you enjoy our superb log cabin, and we have priced these sensibly. 28mm floor and 19mm roof, available in 34 mm / 44 mm / 70 mm for your cabin, it’s not just low-priced, it’s not just amazingly low-cost, it’s the real price ,,,,,, NO MIDDLE MAN! So step up and purchase one today with your cabin.
Just a note, we were the first to offer this kind of add-on for log cabins, and as you can see it has been copied by all, but you cannot copy quality, durability, and precision, you can go to China and buy a fake Rolex and it will look the part and you be happy for a few months, then it falls apart and water gets in and it stops to lose its shine, that’s exactly like cabins, if you purchase a copy of one of our cabins, be it the Twin Skin, Clock House, whatever in Log you know you’re getting second best, as we are the best of the best, and the first to offer Cabins into the UK and the first to design and work 21 years to make sure that everything that leaves our factory is the best it can possibly be.