New Life Homes, You First Dream Home

New Life Homes. You First Semi Off Grid House, your choice, Dream Home, what do you want from all of this, you would like security that whatever you purchase is an investment, not depreciate 30% as soon as our government blinks. Selling electricity to the grid is a waste of time, they charge you x and pay y they buy it for nothing, which is why I think if you have a very fast running steam, and its running fast all year long, an 500KW battery station, is the way for neighbours to band together and actually say good bye to the power companies completely, of course the batteries are divided, so if something happens, you always have a backup, but this kind of living will soon be common.

Companies that own and have a powerful flowering river are perfect to go off grid instantly.

It just depends on what you want from life, and as the hard times come, the electric companies are making an incredible amount of profit, its criminal.

Factory Cabins is always looking to help, and offer a way through this awful years ahead.