General Information and recommendations

 Sometimes it is the roof of the cabin that sets your garden alight, some choosing the correct roof material and colour is just as important as choosing the correct cabin. The most popular and cost effective covering is bitumen roof shingles

The bottom of tiles is coated with adhesive polymer-reinforced bitumen layer protected with easily removed silicon membrane. As a result of a little exposure to the sun, the overlapped tiles stick to each other thus forming a double waterproofing layer, which guarantees excellent leak resistance of the roof.

Bitumen flexible tiles are designed for pitched roofs (from 12°) used in fully residential, industrial and other buildings, including garden buildings.
The top layer of tiles is surfaced with mineral granules that give colour to the tiles and ensure high UV- protection and weather resistance qualities. The granules are cured in high temperature (pigment burned-in into the surface of granules) and guarantees long durability of the colour. Composition of the tiles: durable and highly resistant fibre glass base coated with polymer- reinforced bitumen mix made of high quality bitumen and aggregate.

We offer quality shingles, at factory prices,

Size of each shingle 1000mm x 317mm
Area covered per shingle pack 3sqm

Relevant Standards conformance:

Thickness: LST EN 1849-1
Weight: LST EN 1849
Flexibility: LST EN 1109
Stability under exposure to heat: LST EN 1110
Relative elongation: LST EN 12311-1
Nail-tear resistance: LST EN 1231
UV resistance: LST EN 1297
Drop-off of mineral surfacing: LST EN 12039
Flammability: LST EN 13501

Factory cabinsis not responsible for water leakages due to incorrect tile installation or improper preparation of the roof deck. If you are not 100%, seek professional advice, or use our cabin erection service.

We strongly recommend using wide headed (up to 15-25 mm long) nails to fix the bitumen shingles.

If you are going to put tiles at outside temperature lower than +15°C degrees, please preheat black sealing belt zones or use extra sealants to ensure waterproofing.

A small deviation in colour of the tiles is not a defect. It is typical of flexible tiles of any producer. In order to reduce colour difference during installation it is recommended to mix tiles out of 5-6 packs at random. The tiles should be installed in diagonal lines.

In order to avoid shingle sticking to each other in a pack they should be protected from direct sunlight. Each pack should be bent and shaken before opening; this helps to separate the shingles from each other.

It is strongly recommended that you do not walk on the roof in hot/sunny weather because the cover might be damaged. Special ladders should be used for this purpose.


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3m x 3m – 5 Packs
plus canopy – 7 Packs

4m x 3m – 6 Packs
plus canopy – 8 Packs

4m x 4m – 8 Packs
plus canopy – 10 Packs

5m x 4m – 10 Packs
plus canopy – 12 Packs

5m x 5m – 12 Packs
plus canopy – 13 Packs

If your size is not shown use the next larger size quoted.

If your size is not shown use the next larger size quoted.
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