Factory Cabins Cullompton 2.95 m x 2.95 m – FCBR0063-2372

Cabins 2.95m x 2.95m

Factory Cabins Cullompton – FCBR0063-2372

Log Cabin 2.95 m x 2.95 m
Log Cabin 9.67 ft x 9.67 ft

Wall height – 2200 mm
Ridge height – 2700 mm

Available in 44mm log and 70mm log thicknesses


T&G Flooring, thickness – 28 mm
T&G Roofing, thickness – 19 mm

Treated foundation timbers – 75 x 45mm
Treated floor joists – 45 x 45mm

All corner sections are interlocking – both internal and external.
Heavy duty roof purlins.
Facia and Barge boards included.

Optional Extras Include:

Build/Fitting service
Roof shingles
Base fitting service