Factory Cabins Towcester – 5.0 x 3.5m – DF21

If you are looking for a precision made Log Cabin, from the company that started this whole Log Cabin Revolution off more than 20 years ago in the UK, the company that has more designs and has given its heart and soul into this industry, to make it better each and every month, year after year, then qa.factorycabins.co.uk is only the company to purchase your quality log cabin from, we are now offering all our cabins ex works..
All our amazing prices are ex works Lithuania, so this means you can buy directly for the first time from the factory, there is no Taxes, or Transport added,( so for the first time you see the true factory price) we can help you with every step to get this cabin at a huge reduced rate ( no middle men’s fingers) , delivered to your front door.

You’re going to be told loads of rubbish by people who sell cabins, sheds, about purchasing your log cabin from abroad, it’s dangerous, it’s this and that, and then the guy that’s telling you this will add £1000 onto our design, you pay him, you leave and he calls us with £1000 extra in his pocket for calling us, as we deliver, we assemble, he just makes the sale. Those days are gone! You now pay us, we deliver, we assemble, and you save that 100, or 2000, 0r in some cases £5000, £10.000!!!! Depending on the cabin, timber building, camping pod etc.

We are here to help the small and medium size business, the family business.

If you need to purchase one cabin at a time for your customer, then please speak to us, also if you do assembly, and are looking for cabins, then please give us a call, or email us.

If you are a company, you must be vat registered.

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